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Play with Pico-8 or at https://titleduntitled.name/facades/builderlang.html.

Wittgenstein's first example of a language game is implemented as a Pico-8 cartridge. Pico-8 is a fantasy console for making tiny games, with an 8x8 sprite editor, and room for 35 KB of content. The game puts you in the position of an assistant B, bringing building-stones to a builder A. The 'builders game' passage goes,

Let us imagine a language ...The language is meant to serve for communication between a builder A and an assistant B. A is building with building-stones; there are blocks, pillars, slabs and beams. B has to pass the stones, and that in the order in which A needs them. For this purpose they use a language consisting of the words ‘block’, ‘pillar’, ‘slab’, ‘beam’. A calls them out; --B brings the stone which he has learnt to bring at such-and-such a call. --Conceive this as a complete primitive language


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